Fad-free, sound, striking Social Media strategy

Unsure how to cut through buzzwords, aps, fads and rudderless tweeting? Low reach, engagement or leads conversions? We love 80/20, SMART goals and RoI.

Social Media and Your business

Apps and fads come and go before you can say “Myspace”! You need to be on this, on that, Tweet 85 times a day. Actually you do not. Here is what you really need:What is the difference between inbound marketing and SEO

  • Understand how social media fit inside Inbound marketing. How your website mediates everything.


  • Define SMART business objectives. Avoid “vanity” objectives such as “amount of views”. Derive SMART social media objectives.
  • Identify the core audiences you must engage with to achieve these SMART objectives: What are they interested in and in what words do they express that.
  • Reveal what social media platforms do your core audiences spends the most time on?
  • Produce valuable content, that will genuinely help them in whatever interests or challenges they face. This will enormously raise both your network size, reach and visibility, as well as your engagement quality with your core audiences. It will also make your content a lot more viral.
  • Then, make sure that you capture that traffic and convert it into the business objectives you defined (leads, branding, sales, etc.)

It is easier than it seems, and we are OBSESSED with ensuring you succeed, and get a great return on investment.

Social Media Auditing

Goals & Benefits of sound Social Media

Explosive Leads Growth

  • Done right, S.M. is a leads generation turbine
  • Automate inbound leads generation, at no extra work or $
  • Boost leads quantity AND quality with on-topic content


  • Success = SMART Social Media & business goals
  • Thrive, Measure and make informed decisions. 80/20 ALL your social media!
  • Continuous Improvement: Measure, DMAIC, Kaizen: SM is PERFECT for it!

Vision, planning, visibility

  • Understand what SM is about. Cut through fads and buzzwords
  • Reveal your core audiences, buyers’ personas. How to get them onside
  • Control the process, $ and timeframes

Safe dialogue

  • Control and monitor the dialogue easily at no expense of time
  • Reveal what your core audiences want to hear: Interests, challenges, engaging topics

Leverage Content RoI

  • Secrets of viral blogging: Addressing expert topics and relevant “pain points”
  • Leverage Time + Budget: SMART recycling of Video – Audio – Blog
  • Overcome procrastination. Automate cross-platform postings

Relevant content for niche audiences

  • Social listening: Find out what YOUR audience cares about
  • Provide real value through free quality content
  • Drive specific traffic around keywords and issues YOU can solve!

Continuous improvement & Operational Excellence

  • Have a PLAN! Know who and what you are doing social media for!
  • Measure for continuous improvement!
  • Refine: Be on topic / right audience/ right platform, every time.


  • Vibrant & Expert branding: Be known by more people, who matter more
  • Set the benchmark in your industry: Intelligent blogging + 3rd party endorsement strategy!
  • Tested Social Proofing: Reassure your new visitors and get quality leads!

Guarantees and testimonials

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Inbound marketing recommendation




  • Satisfaction guarantee:               We bill on result whenever possible, our simple social proofing campaigns (to add +500 followers to your LinkedIn Company page or Facebook Company Page) are only billed once the concrete result is achieved.


  • Certifications and cross-disciplinary backgrounds of our consultants allow us to strike pitch-perfect social media strategies, having worked 20+ years in business, journalism and being all social media certified (Hubspot Inbound Marketing + Google Analytics).


  • Maximum clarity & RoI:              Fad-free social media strategies. SMART goals. We measure EVERYTHING, and use free tools whenever possible. We 80/20 all we do. 


  • Holistic support:             Our experts can support you at every step: Strategy setting, operational consulting, training, writing of viral blogs on your behalf, promotion of your content, advisory.


An initial consulting, training and support campaign of 10-15 consulting days over 3-6 months, will REVOLUTIONISE your social media activity, turn your blogging into a LEADS GENERATION TURBINE, and give you all the tools and insights to engage the right audiences, along the right topics, and who you how to convert this extra visibility into hard business results (branding, leads).

Jobologies Presentation - Principles in 2.5 Min.

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