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Our story

We are a group of friends who felt that social media marketing was getting a bad name but for the wrong reasons. Social media marketing done smartly and authentically is nothing like click-bait or virality-chasing.

We got together late 2015 around a simple commitment: Put authenticity back into business communication through social media. To adhere to the precepts of Inbound Marketing as a foundation for our clients. To offer valuable content to relevant audiences. Authentically.

To step out of traditional, interruptive, low value marketing (cold-calls, direct mail, TV Ads) and brochure talk. To favour speaking online sincerel, providing value to our audiences. Showing our face.

For with content shock anyway, you must intelligently stand apart to cut the content noise barrier. And safe, clichéd brochure-talk will never get you there.

Meet the lead team

Our team fluctuates along the operational goals of our clients.

Stephane Malhomme,  Owner; Jobologies

  • Content Marketing
  • Social SEO 
  • Social Media Recruitment

Mohamed Mulla,  CEO; Designppl

  • Website engineering
  • Technical Lead 

Thibaut Lacour,  Digital Marketing; British Safety Council

  • Email Marketing
  • Website UX 

Startup mentorship

Launch 22

We have a mentoring residency at Launch22, a charity incubator helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch themselves.

We help members grasp the principles of inbound marketing. We then supply them with 80/20 tools to raise their followership, their internal efficiency, their SEO optimisation, 3rd party content promotion, etc.

We regularly host talks about social media marketing and social recruiting.

Next presentation 31 October 2017
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More services

We provide Skype Q&A’s to ongoing clients, or to deliver remote training also.

We also occasionally recruit social media professionals on behalf of clients looking to internalise fully that function.

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