We’re always looking for friendly, talented and committed people. And if we decide to hire you, if we are the right employer for you, we’ll offer you much more than a pay check.

We believe that people work better, and harder frankly, in an environment that fosters honest interactions, low-politics, and humour. We put staff and clients first, before immediate financials: We keep growing quarter on quarter since inception, but always with an eye out on the mid and long term.

Also, it simply means that we are successful enough applying this approach, that we get to choose our clients to some extent. We prefer working with open-minded, respectful clients, committed to trying social media marketing for good, as a positive and transformative process, rather than an after-work, after-thought. And we give them our all. Seems to work out best for all involved.

We welcome spontaneous application and will get back to you regardless of your fit. You can email your CV here. We are typically in the market to hire the profiles below. Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to find out what we’ve been up to.

Our jobs:

We require demonstrable track record and experience for any candidate who will work on our clients’ campaigns after onboarding.

If you have no demonstrable experience, but are exceptionally talented and motivated, you may apply to our internship program.

What We’re Looking For

  • 01

    FB Ads specialist
    Managing multiple clients’ campaigns. Must be familiar with A/B Testing, Lookalike audiences, FB Campaigns, Pixel.

  • 02

    Freelance Video producers – Must have own hardware, be familiar with visual story telling, edition and agile video production.

  • 03

    Content Specialists / Planners: Must be familiar with SMMS (Hootsuite, Buffer or Hubspot) Content mileage, repurpose,
    creation, promotion.

  • 04

    PPC / AdWords / SEO analysts: Be a competent user of AdWords, Google Analytics (certified preferably), biddable media such as PPC.

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