10 simple steps to build Authority on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Branding

LinkedIn branding and authority building can be tough. LinkedIn pages and personal profiles need to demonstrate as much authority and reassurance as possible, if you are to ever turn them online strangers into customers, let alone promoters (Read more on the inbound marketing buyer’s journey by inbound experts Hubspot here). LinkedIn … Read More

9 Tips to destroy online influence and vaporise Social Media $

is social media a waste of time and money?

Social Media Metrics – Terra incognita for most managers… Social Media issues for companies take many forms, we thought we’d list our homemade hall of fame. The most common, costly and structural ones. It is often striking to see how many companies are very principled in terms of process and … Read More

What is going on with LinkedIn since Microsoft bought it?

linkedin acquisition, microsoft social media

Windows is coming… LinkedIn Plug and pray!!! LinkedIn acquisition is a term you don’t usually want to hear is it? They are a dime a dozen but not that many panned out too good did they? From techs they bought just to shelve them, to start ups they lamed-out beyond … Read More

10 Horrific L.I. Pictures (And how to fix them)

terrible linkedin pictures, how to choose the best linkedin picture

Smart L.I. profiles have compelling pictures Bad LinkedIn pictures abound and it is time to give a few pointers. This is not a post about some cosmetic tyranny, not about an empire of the appearance or physical beauty. It’s just to get everyone on a base level of proficiency on … Read More