How echo chambers & context collapse revolutionised societal discourse

online digital marketing echo chambers

The theatre of the absurd today: Echo chambers and context collapse are nothing new. Neither is the paradoxical erosion of human communication at the expense of communication technology. “The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.” (J.B. Priestly) To the attentive ear, it has long become apparent … Read More

Recruitment Agencies had become inhuman, Social Media Recruitment isn’t.

Social recruiting for agency

Social Recruiting for agencies: The culture shock When I graduated I chose recruitment, imaging riveting, brilliant, leisurely interviews, in my nice suit and HR-humanistic self. Revealing talent. Delving into psyches. Dignified, caring. Quite brilliant to be honest, if I said so myself. I had no idea recruitment was one of the … Read More

Social Media Algorithm: Making you authentic since 2016

Context collapse communication privacy intimacy on social media platforms

Welcome to the machine “Social media algorithm” is a term you must have heard of at least, and possibly with growing frequency. It remains massively important, and little understood. It was a defining moment in the industry, a moment that changed everything. You see, the thing is really this: Social media … Read More

Millennials marketing is fine

Millennials Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Millennials Marketing is authentic, original, valuable and above all appealing to its generational namesake. Yet despite that what do you often hear? That it is trashy, spammy, self-absorbed and contrived. Well let’s just see shall we? An inter-generational riddle, just to break the ice: “What is fat, self-entitled, sheltered, and … Read More

Content Shock: Why your next blog won’t go viral

Content Shock, FaceBook algorithm change, social media platform algorithms

In the world of Content Marketing, one term is coming into ever greater use. Content shock: The ubiquitous white noise from competitors drowning your content. The growing disconnect between what content we produce and what we can collectively consume. Yet a term that’s a bizarrely under-discussed elephant in the social media … Read More

10 simple steps to build Authority on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Branding

LinkedIn branding and authority building can be tough. LinkedIn pages and personal profiles need to demonstrate as much authority and reassurance as possible, if you are to ever turn them online strangers into customers, let alone promoters (Read more on the inbound marketing buyer’s journey by inbound experts Hubspot here). LinkedIn … Read More

Social Media Marketing is a sound, ethical tool

social media marketing is not just noise

All noise and no substance? Social Media Marketing is often accused of being “all noise and no substance”. Yes, tacky posts, misleading headlines, miscellaneous click-bait gibberish all pollute our social media assets occasionally. (And though here, click-bait is more and more ferociously combatted by social media algorithms. It also yields … Read More

9 Tips to destroy online influence and vaporise Social Media $

is social media a waste of time and money?

Social Media Metrics – Terra incognita for most managers… Social Media issues for companies take many forms, we thought we’d list our homemade hall of fame. The most common, costly and structural ones. It is often striking to see how many companies are very principled in terms of process and … Read More

Why engineers don’t do social media

engineers and social media

IT engineers created the internet to keep up-to-date on research. And it was an efficient infrastructure, until cat videos and Facebook stalking. Engineers have fallen steadily behind in the adoption of social media, a shame as it is here to stay and will gradually crush all other traditional marketing channels. … Read More

10 Tips to commit professional suicide on LinkedIn

10 mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

Best LinkedIn profiles seen by many are complete, vivid, sincere, concise and relevant to their most important online audience. If you’re thinking “Well, that sounds great I just don’t have the time” you’re not alone. Good news is that often, simply avoid making catastrophic mistakes is a great start. As … Read More