Digital Marketing &
Inbound Marketing

Why Inbound?


Social Media / Content Marketing, the new bandwagon: The words “Social media” get bandied about liberally today. Easy to see why: Resting on free social media platforms and tools, this approach allows for faster, more economical branding-building and leads generation than traditional approaches. It is widely accepted to be faster Return on Investment than traditional marketing (and than pure SEO for that matter).

Any content created will send traffic to your website even years after creation. It is more durable and “sticky” than other marketing options (PPC, AdWords advertising for ex.) Finally it allows for gigantic leverage and multiples when done right: A single, great blog can be seen by thousands and generate dozens of leads. Compare that to having to email / call thousands, one by one, to generate a few leads…

More efficient, but also more relevant to changing customer habits: Prospective clients are more and more refractory to cold-calls, TV advertising, direct mail campaigns and aggressive sales approaches. They want to develop a more authentic, gradual bond with their potential suppliers. Be educated on their culture and services. Hear your take on their interests and challenges, rather than the technical specs of your product. All reasons to make sure your online presence is visible (reach), compelling (branding) and offers value to your online audiences through content.

This valuable, informative, authentic and meaningful conversation with your online audiences is also why social media marketing is often used in the specific goals of social recruiting. It is an ideal conduit to showcase your company culture, your value as a career option, in a branded and human way.

We provide training and consulting services, usually to audit and kick-start a client’s social media strategy. We also directly support our clients by managing some of their social media activity (content production, community management, etc.) Finally we also recruit social media professionals for our clients.

Price List


On-site: £750 / day
£450 / half-day

Collegial: £300 / attendee

(Premier Inn Business Suite)

Skype / Google Hangout

70£ / hour

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SM Auditing

SEO Auditing & Social Media integration

Strategy Definition

Online audiences definition

Content Strategy Definition

Moderation Policy Definition

£550 / day

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Community Management

Animation of your SM feeds

Social Content Production

Implementation of SM Tools

Monthly updates

Websites Design

Campaigns start at £900/month

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