Templates and Whitepapers

Your social media activity is a real process, not something given to the intern to do “when all the real work is done”. And as such it benefits from a set of 80/20 documents. To audit and track. To moderate. To plan, repost and repurpose intelligently. To compare and optimise. To keep a coherent voice. To understand audiences in time.

  • Templates: From content policy to promotional check-lists, we have got you covered. Templates are usable immediately to work better, in less time. To involve tons of best practices to your own process right from the get-go.
  • Whitepapers: How to define your core audiences, how to rate your social media activity as an internal process. How to define SMART social media goals tied to business goals. How to set up a sound, simple content policy.

While templates and whitepapers are graet and will take you a long way, they won’t replace proper training and the expert eye of a consultant.

Social media recruitment ebook

It is all about intel. To know what to do online, and how. Re-discover authentic corporate communication by putting candidates back into the centre of your business culture. Making sense of it all and learning how to convert leads into pleased candidates while loosing brochure-speech and speaking authentically.

Follow the steps to design a sound strategy, using great tools that scale your activity, while fostering a culture accepting content and social media as valuable selling tools. Find a guide to having a sound governance – Best practice should be your starting point: building from there allows you to relieve the heaviness of quality assurance in your processes. It is also about using the right documents to raise your game. Documenting your successes is the prime way to propagate it to other campaigns and goals.

You will find great resources and the right steps to crafting your content policy and planning schedules.


Core Audiences & Content Mapping

Download this template to:
– Define your 4-5 core audiences from a content marketing standpoint.
– Plan your content so that it is served to

Download now
Setting SMART Social Media Goals

Download this template to:
– Define SMART Social Media Goals
– Tie them back to SMART business goals



8 Steps to Audit your Social Media

A simple guide to see where your attention should go when it comes to evaluating your social media activity.

Social media marketing 101

How to define your online core audiences, strategy, and set objectives that truly impact your business.

Get more mileage bang for your content buck

Our favourite promotional tools - Learn how to reprupose, repost and use optimal scheduling, and leverage top tier apps and freemium software.

Case studies

Sorry, there is nothing there yet – we’re busy remaking our case studies so they bring more value to you, as it will explain our work much better.

Stay tuned, they will be live very soon!