Social Media Professionals

This is frankly not our core business, but we kept being asked by clients if we could recommend a talented SM professional (or two, occasionally). So you know, being into design thinking, inbound marketing and growth… We thought we’d make a business line of it!

Our founder also comes from a previous career in recruitment so you can rest assured we don’t just know social media marketing and social recruiting, we also know how to find the best candidates.

Click HERE if you wish to submit a vacancy and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Please upload your job description if you have one, or describe in simple terms the job title, main skills sets, prior experiences, ideal track record you seek in the best candidate.

Terms & Conditions:

We offer a simple service, competitively priced, but not open to negotiation:

– We will work your vacancy on contingent basis only (we only in
voice if we find a suitable candidate who gets hired).

– We only invoice 10% of expected annual salary (that includes OTE bonuses)

Rebate period is simple and balanced, taking into account our mutual responsibilities should a placement not work out:

. 75% if the candidate should leave inside the 1st month.
. 50% if the candidate should leave inside the 2nd month.
. 25% if the candidate should leave inside the 3rd month.