Social Recruiting:
Recruitment Agencies

Social Recruiting is a gigantic source of value for agents, generating quality passive candidates, more committed to the process, at less expense of time and money. All the while building your branding rather than destroying it through aggressive KPI’s, email spam or phoning.

What social recruiting can do for your agency:

Replace the candidate at the centre of your process, and free up time so that you do more of the real value-adding stuff. Marketing automation for the repetitive stuff. Your own voice for the important stuff.

Move away from “one-to-one” (calling leads or potential candidates one by one) to “one-to-many”: A good piece of authentic relevant content, well promoted will keep generating leads and registrations.

Inbound Marketing: Let clients and candidates see you and find you. And come to you. Move away from sending tons of costly InMails one by one. Build expertise. Niche smartly.

SEO your social media assets and content. Reclaim the higher ground. Keep passive candidates engaged, sold over, and registering.

80/20 your content marketing, and community management with modern tools.

– In the end: Develop Authority * Visibility * Conversion.
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