Training & Consulting


From Facebook fundamentals to Twitter monitoring and monetising, we’ll show you why social media is so powerful.

Our general course packs the widest ranging value. It covers the strategic foundations of inbound marketing and social media, broken down into action items, and concrete tools for execution.

Hands-on, interactive approach to help you get to grips with social media, harness its incredible power and enjoy the process!

Our specialist trainings are customised to your business requirements, of any type:
– An area of expertise (Social Monitoring, LinkedIn as a CRM for ex.)
– A specific project deliverable (How to run successful FaceBook Ads, How to grow followership on Twitter, etc.)
– A technical tool / platform (Using LinkedIn as a CRM, How to use Google Analytics for your content production, etc.)

In the bespoke sessions we will take an in-depth look at social media monitoring, engagement and analytics tools, and show you how to gather valuable insight to feed back into your campaigns.


Social media should ultimately make you money, not just new online friends.

Often clients do not know how to get started. What content policy to adopt. What audiences to engage. For what outcome? Measure how?

We will audit your existing activity and skills gaps, sit down with you to hear about your culture, your operations, and your resources.

Once that is done and captured, we follow this strategic plan of deliverables:

– Content Strategy (Tone, “Why”, values)
– SMART Business / Social Media Goals
– Revealing online audiences, and their interests
– Producing content: Smart, fast and relevant.
– Promoting content: Get x10 more mileage.
– Monetising content: Calls to action, leads generation, email magnets.
– Measuring, Monitoring

This basic outline is also the one we follow in generic training, it is the most coherent and powerful frame to train / consult in social media marketing (some skills gaps may require us to do some initial training).