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Social media marketing has evolved at a dizzying pace in recent years. Tweeting sanitised pictures of the X-mas party simply does not cut it anymore. You need to audit and define your content policy, your tone and values online. You also need to document your audiences, and their topic of interest and possible “pain points” you can help them with through content.

You especially need to define your social media and business goals. And use the most 80/20 tools to measure results, and double down where it works. A sound strategy can be set in a few days of consulting and will ensure that your social media activity is always valuable and coherent, whatever new app or platform come around.

Consulting packages


  • Website UX (external)
  • Social Media & Content (external)
  • Social Media efficiency (internal)
  • Typically 15-20p manually written
  • Assesses your assets, followship and engagement levels
  • Outline all best practices currently applied
  • Sheds light on areas needing optimisation

Internal audits offer the same services only conducted on-site. This allows us to experience your business better to meet your social media stakeholders’ and processes’ needs.


  • 349 Website UX audit
  • 449 SM & Content audit
  • 699 SM Efficiency audit
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  • Content Strategy
  • Audiences Definition
  • Operational Tools & Internal Efficiency

Design of a systemic approach to producing and promoting good, relevant content supporting business objectives.

Relevancy and brand voice analysis – tailoring content, topics, and tone to the specific audiences you need to engage with.

How well do you optimise your entire social media activity. Topics generation, social proofing assets, what tools to use to plan content, analyse hashtags, optimise copy for SEO and Social SEO.


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Campaign execution

  • Followership Growth
  • Community Management
  • Holistic Social Media Management

Clients choose to hand over their social media activity and benefit from our expertise while learning how to build strong internal capability by fostering training and collaboration.

We provide bespoke proposals adjusted to your specific niche and the business goal(s) you need met.

Strategy execution in close cooperation, from content production to website and landing pages optimisation.


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Audits provide a snapshot of where you are in terms of activity, efficiency and maturity. Branding value of your current assets. Existing niche influencers. They often reveal skill gaps and lead to bespoke training.

package allows you to define content policy, audiences, as well as related internal processes and tools. Priority action items and internal strengths and weaknesses.

Execution of social media campaigns allows implementation in tandem with your team and stakeholders. To guide you along your first campaigns and build on-the-job internal capability for a handover in 3-6 months.

Some of our favourite tools

Clients & projects

Alumni Association

+ Audit

+ Training

+ 50% to 125% growth in followership

+ 75% to 250% in engagement

Entrepreneur First

+ Full-scope audit

+ Roadmap, top 15 action items

+ SEO, Website UX, content cycle, audiences, topics, metrics, conversion


+ 2 month project

+ Content reach: +250%
+ Social leads: + 350%
+ Content cycle: + 175%

+ Training, audiences definition
+ Process engineering


+ > 25 days of consulting executed on behalf of MAPS

+ Training, consulting and execution. Preparation to Board Meetings

Extra resources

Training services

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