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Ubiquitous and exponential in nature, digital marketing weaves together SEO, Social SEO, Social Media Advertising, Content marketing, website UX optimisation, inbound marketing, influencer and social media marketing to name but a few. Larger projects usually require a more holistic approach combining multiple technologies and expertise, for exponential results.

Inbound marketing is the concrete tool, but it needs content marketing to work. And both need to rest on a wider philosophy: Inbound Marketing.

All too often social media marketing is decried as click-bait, or ineffective. And yet the industry keeps growing at a steady, impressive rate. So what gives?

The simple truth is that the words “social media” are:


Without understanding the foundations of sound content marketing, and inbound marketing, you can be on “social media” all day to no avail. Content marketing and inbound marketing are terms that are a lot less used but equally as important. Content is the basic currency of digital marketing. Content promotion allows you to develop mileage out of the work you to put towards content. Inbound marketing is the general philosophy moving away from low-value, disruptive, company-centric “push” ads (TV Ads, direct mail, cold calls, etc.) And towards a high-value, nurturing, audience-centric “pull” online communication that converts much better. Customer habits have changed that much in the last 10 years, and will continue to do so.

Ambiguous and illusory

Social media tools are and platforms are free, and therefore used by many. This however creates an illusion of expertise. Anyone can post on Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook. And anyone does. But in the same way that anyone can put two bricks on top of another, anyone can “do social media” but only those with some understanding of it will make it work for themselves. And enjoy it! Providing valuable interesting content, for audiences they know and have defined, expressing an authentic communication effectively and efficiently, driving high-quality high-relevance traffic to their social media assets. And converting it into measured business outcomes.

How do I make sure that my attempts are successful?

Strategy is the most essential part, so that your presence is always coherent and valuable, whatever technological change, apps, or business change comes around.

They also rest on tools, so that you can do a lot more, a lot better and a lot faster, freeing up time for all the great human interactions you created.

Before and above anything else they rest on a sincere desire to experiment. On a willingness to step out from behind the brochure-speak. On understanding that social media marketing needs a minimum of time and budget earmarked. It is not anymore something to do “after the real work is done”. It rests on a 3-6 month commitment before you can assess success. It rests on devising a simple and effective internal governance. On a management style that tolerates calculated risks and does not punish overly what or whom did not work out.

It is a deep change, but it is exciting, it will bring the customer closer to you. And you find yourself enjoying the journey, connecting with more like-minded souls.

We can take you there.

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