Social Media Recruitment

Get your brochure speech up to the 21st century and engage candidates for success

What is Social Media Recruitment?

Social media recruitment is here to put authenticity back in the candidate – agency relationship.

Forget brochure talk and cold – calls. Gigantic changes have revolutionised customer habits both B2B and B2C. Your communication now needs to be timely and relevant. And authentic. And inbound marketing coupled to content marketing can do just that. A compelling, sincere, high-visibility social media presence that will automatically funnel relevant candidates and quality client leads to your site.

Of course there are plenty of tools. They matter enormously in terms of internal efficiency, content mileage and general RoI.

But ultimately your social media recruitment will rest more on a sound strategy than the right tools. A sound, foundational “why”. A coherent content policy. Relevant online audiences definition. Producing, reposting and repurposing valuable content. Social proofing your online assets. Merging your SEO with your content easily. Favouring 80/20 and authenticity at every turn.

Connecting with quality candidates who like who you are.

Being seen by more potential clients who like your style.

Putting the human factor back into your core business and work life.

Authenticity is key

Social media marketing at large requires cultural change. Successful implementations invariably require a shift away from the glossy but sterile brochure. To show your true branding DNA. 

It also requires an authentic willingness to set aside time and budget. Gone are the days when a good blog would go viral. The advent of content shock and social media algorithms deeply changed the social media marketing landscape. Virality does not matter that much anymore anyway. 

Producing valuable content that will nurture online visitors from strangers to qualified leads in your niche very much does however. 

Authentic candidate funnels - Agents

Your cold-calls destroy branding and simply work less and less. Do not just claim that you employ specialism experts. Show your expertise, and do not just tell. Create amazing content easily and smartly. Repurpose it intelligently. Promote it abundantly. Drive all that high quality, high relevance traffic through your social media assets, to your website landing pages.

Authentic employer attraction & branding - HR

It is online that you build the main of your employer branding and talent attraction. And your brochure works less and less. Information asymmetry has lowered online, putting your culture and staff up front centre. So you might as well convey it yourselves, own it and well, ensure that your future collaborators fit more with your true culture.

How does it compare to traditional methods?

The most obvious explanation for the dizzying growth of social media marketing at a large is a better Return On Investment. It fits much better current customer habits. Moving constantly away from direct mail, cold calls and brochure-speak towards authentic online engagement. But this fundamental trend should not obscure other benefits:

  • Building a more solid and sincere branding will facilitate your business at large.
  • Knowing what your online audiences think, care about or struggle with is the ABC of content marketing on social media. It will also bring the voice of your customer much closer internally.
  • Posting great content is a great “one-to-many” marketing approach. Instead of cold calling one by one, a good content piece will keep bringing you leads for years.
  • And it will do that ubiquitously. Around the world. While you sleep too.

And you can measure everything. RoI. Content mileage. Conversion rates. What audiences or topics resound the most and drive you the most, best business outcomes. 

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